I’m done writing about introversion and ADHD. Let’s start over . . .

. . . I have a job that many people would sell their soul for. I get more than enough time off, and I have almost two months of sick leave. The job also comes with an excellent retirement plan and the best health insurance I’ve ever had in my entire life . . . and all I want is out.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. But after approaching mid-life, my priorities have changed. I’m almost 49 and I can’t lie to myself anymore. I still want to do meaningful things. But I want more simplicity, and I’m done with the debilitating stress. I’m tired of being the horse behind the carrot.

But my unsettled feeling goes beyond my job. I want out of my apartment. I need to shed my conventional sticks-and-bricks lifestyle. I can’t stay still anymore. I have a nomadic spirit, and I’m finally honest with myself about it. I want to live full-time in an RV.

This blog is about my journey—from my conventional, comfortable, stay-in-one-place life into a precarious, unpredictable, bold RV adventure. I’m about five months into a four-year journey, but I hope it doesn’t take that long. (trying to balance ambition with levelheadedness.) When I think about the life I’m giving up I get scared to death. I also feel more excited than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

I have a supportive circle of friends, a compassionate therapist, and a loving boyfriend who want what’s best for me. More importantly, they trust that I know exactly what “best for me” is. So I won’t be taking this journey alone. Maybe someone reading this will come along via this blog. Or maybe they’ll decide to set out on their own journey.

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