My Favorite RV Camping Hacks

I love reading hacks for RVing, camping, or being outdoors. And I thought I’d read it all. I rarely open new “hacks” articles anymore because I assume it’ll be the same information I’ve read over and over again.

Wrong! Here are some hacks that I ran across recently that surprised me. To me they’re original. I wonder why I hadn’t thought of them in the first place. Enjoy . . .

Wipe it!

On my previous camping trips I always brought a huge roll of paper towels. Not anymore–I’m bringing wipes on my next trip. Wet wipes are more compact and there are biodegradable ones available. There are wipes for the face, hands, and for cooking areas.

Stay on the map

I haven’t owned a paper map for 17 years. But I’m starting to rethink this. I normally use my GoogleMaps app to get me from points A to B. But my RV travels will sometimes take me to remote places with a weak or no signal. Or what if I lose my phone? That’s happened to me.

Have some bubbles

I can’t wait to try this one. Have you ever thought of bubble wrap as insulation? If you can resist the temptation to pop it, cut sections to fit the shape and size of your rig’s windows. Use a spray bottle to spray water on the windows, and then apply the bubble wrap. It should stick and be easy to peal off. By the way, the next National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is January 27 (last Monday of the month).

Bottle your eggs

I have one of those plastic camping egg cartons that take up space and always fill up with melted ice water from being in the cooler. Instead of worrying about broken eggs, scramble a bunch of eggs and pour them into a bottle. Then you can have scrambled eggs anytime.

Smell the sage

Some people value sage for its cleansing properties and health benefits. It also can be used to repel mosquitoes. To keep those tiny malaria shippers at bay, throw some sage into the campfire, or light it and let it smolder at the edge of your campsite.

RVing and camping should connect you nature and freedom on the road. Hacks can make life on the road a little easier and more enjoyable. What RV or camping hacks do you swear by?

“If you light a lamp for someone else, your own path will also brighten.” –the Buddha

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