Photo Friday: Images of Grandma

For no reason in particular, I’ve been thinking of my late maternal grandmother, Bernice Temme Seier. The top picture is of her (woman on the right), her father, and three of her siblings taking a lunch break on the farm.

This is her later in life.

She’s third from the right, with family. Mom told me Great-Grandpa (second from the right) always had a smoke in his mouth. Great-Grandma is in the center.

With her sister, Leona.

From left to right: Lois (sister), Leona (sister), and Grandma

All five “pretty red-headed Temme girls”: Lois, Bernice (Grandma), Leona, Ceceil, and Adeline

My favorite is the farm one; it reminds me of doing chores on my parents’ farm when I grew up. Thanks for visiting my post!

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  1. dmwebwriter says:

    Beautiful and lovely photos! I love depression era and old family photos. They come from an America that is so hard for someone my age to even understand. They speak volumes about the rugged individualism of people to survive in hard and lean times, just like what Dorothea Lange illustrated with her photos.


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