10 Affordable Home Improvement Project for Sellers

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Here’s another excellent post from Real Life Home. Many thanks to them for sharing their wisdom with my readers.

If you’ve decided to sell your home, you’ve made a huge first step. Like many significant life changes, this one involves some planning and work, mainly because you want to make sure that buyers find your home appealing. 

How can you transform the interior and exterior of your home without stretching your budget thin? With inspiration from Unsettled Essence and by following some of the suggestions from these resources, you can tackle the home improvement process for a low cost!

Interior Design Upgrades

You want your home to look picture-perfect for showings, so start with these interior design changes!

  • Plan to spend a weekend giving your walls a brand new coat of paint to brighten up any space.
  • By installing adhesive-based wallpaper in your bedrooms or living rooms, you can create a unique look with colors and patterns — but also make it easy for your buyer to remove it down the line should they choose!
  • New flooring can boost your home’s value, so check out the prices of different materials to see what suits your budget.

New Fixtures and Features

Even updating small features in key rooms will be attractive for buyers. Here are a few areas to focus on.

  • If you think that senior buyers in your area might be interested in your home, consider adding automated smart home features — look for discounts at electronics stores.
  • Install a few budget-friendly kitchen features, like a new faucet, backsplash, or new lighting.
  • You can remodel your bathroom for a low price by refreshing your tub or adding new hardware to your cabinets.  

Optimize Your Exterior

How can you make a great impression on buyers before they even walk through the door? Spruce up your property’s exterior!

  • Let your buyers walk through a beautiful new front door — you can even replace it on your own with these DIY tips.
  • New windows can improve the appearance of your home’s exterior.
  • In just a few hours, you can complete a couple of these landscaping improvements by yourself.
  • Hire a backyard landscaping company to give this space a professional touch.

It’s all too easy to overspend on home improvement projects. But affordable projects can provide a fantastic return on investment. With these tips, you’ll be able to prepare your home for sale while sticking to a tight budget!

Thanks again to Real Life Home for this to-the-point guide on preparing your home for sale. For more DIY inspiration, check out their website HERE.

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  1. purpleslob says:

    Fresh paint is surprisingly easy, but such a big impact!!

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