Horizons Within: The Quest for Personal Growth

Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.com

I‘m happy to welcome another contribution from Real Life Home. If you’ve been wanting to tackle a home project but aren’t sure where to start, their site is a great place to get information and inspiration. 

When you’re grappling with work, bills, family commitments, and a demanding social life, it can be hard to find time to focus on yourself, but personal development requires time and effort. If you want to get back to yourself, you may need to break from routine and get ready to take a few risks. Here are some paths to personal development and getting to know the person within:


A great way to begin your journey of self-discovery is with meditation. When we think of meditation, we often associate it with sitting still in certain poses, but we rarely consider the function of the exercise. When done correctly, meditation can help you to achieve a more mentally stable and emotionally calm state of mind. Live & Dare shows that there are many different techniques – these include Zen meditation (focused, sitting form), vipassana meditation (insight focus, breathing form), and mantra meditation (vibration focused, speaking form). With so many different methods, you’re bound to find one that speaks to your particular requirements and affects your mindset positively.


As we grow older, it’s common for us to leave behind the activities we enjoyed most as kids, but the truth is, these activities are often part of what defines us. In our journey of personal growth, Hobbyask.com notes that it can often be useful to reconnect with our past selves and revisit our childhood interests. Whether you’re artistic, enjoy music, take part in sports, or like to cook up a storm, it’s important to set aside time in the week to spend enjoying your own company.

And when it comes to time in the kitchen or the home gym, look for items that will help you live a healthier life so you can work toward your personal growth goals. This may include kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier or exercise equipment like a treadmill or exercise bike. Shop wisely to stay within your budget and find durable and high-quality products by first reading up on unbiased reviews.


There are few more direct avenues to personal growth than learning a new skill. Sometimes, taking on a part-time course or joining a beginner’s class can help you in your career. Also, it’s just a fun way to broaden your mind. Nowadays, with remote learning, you can fit education more flexibly around your routine and receive tutoring without ever having to step foot inside a classroom.

Career (Don’t Forget to Update Your Resume)

If you’re feeling stagnant in your career and don’t believe your work is conducive to personal improvement, it may be time to switch lanes. The digital age has made doing so more viable than ever, giving you access to opportunities all over the country and even helping you in the application process. An online resume builder, for example, provides free resume templates. You can choose from a library of professional designs and add your own copy, photos, colors, and images.


Journeying to new places isn’t just about getting good photos; traveling can also be an amazing opportunity to explore the self and gain new perspectives. Often, by investing time to learn about different ways of life, we can come to view our own in a fresh, nuanced way. If you’re not used to solo travel, you can start off by visiting domestic locations and, as you grow in confidence, branch out into more demanding, international trips.

Social Life

Often, the people we spend time with represent the most significant influences on our mindset. If you want to broaden your horizons and learn more about who you are, it makes sense to surround yourself with new friends and explore new environments. A good way to do this is by joining groups online to meet people with mutual interests and take part in organized events or ‘socials.’

Personal growth is never achieved automatically, and if you want to discover your limits and really find out what you’re made of, it’s going to take time, hard work, and a bit of risk-taking. This can be intimidating, but the rewards are often tremendous. Don’t forget to meditate, get involved in hobbies, update your resume, and stay social.

For more ideas on personal development or starting your own home project, check out Real Life Home. Thanks to them for another insightful and informative post!

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