Positive Changes When You’re Going Through a Midlife Crisis

Photo by Anitha Kapu on Pexels.com

Going through a midlife crisis or finding yourself in a funk? Then settle in for a good read. I’m pleased to share this guest post from Fix It Dads.

Are you at a point in your life where you’re wondering, “is that all there is”? If you feel stuck in your personal or professional life, there are changes you can make, whether big or small, that can drastically improve your outlook and give you a fresh perspective. So here are four ideas to consider:

Get a New Job

Maybe your midlife crisis has much to do with your career stagnating. If you dread going to work every time Monday rolls around, consider taking steps that will allow you to move on to a more fulfilling career. Take online classes to get the degree you need for that promotion. Talk to HR and inquire about a lateral move. 

If it’s a new career you’re dreaming about, meet with people that can mentor you and teach you the ropes to your dream job. Zero in on one or a few companies you’d like to work at and see if there are positions available that fit your credentials. Dazzle recruiters by creating a CV that will highlight your skills and experience. Make sure to include pertinent keywords that an employer’s applicant tracking system (ATS) can easily pick up.   

Start a New Venture

Ready for a new challenge? Become an entrepreneur and start your own company. You can find small business ideasonline that don’t require a huge investment from the get-go. Or you can use your existing skills and competencies to launch your own freelance business: hang your shingle as a CPA, graphic designer, financial consultant, social media, or marketing specialist. 

Whatever your venture, strongly consider forming a limited liability company to protect your personal assets from potential litigation. You can save a bundle by not using a lawyer and opting for an online formation service instead.

When you’re open for business and ready for clients, start by asking your friends and former colleagues for referrals. You can extend your reach by using the internet to advertise your services.

Find a New Home

If you’ve been through a divorce or lost a loved one, you may want to relocate to a new place. A change in location can help you make new connections and memories in order to move on with your life. 

You may have visited a place in the past that could be ideal for a fresh start. If you want to test the waters first before settling down and looking for a house or condo for sale there, consider renting an apartment and spending time exploring your new neighborhood first. You’ll be able to meet the locals and check out available amenities, which will help you decide if this is the right move for you. Search for apartment rentals online by entering how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, find one in your budget, then pack up for your new adventure.

Visit a New Place

Get out of town and clear your head as you go explore someplace new. You don’t have to spend a fortune on airfare or hotels; take a day trip to a nearby city and pretend to be a tourist, visiting museums and landmarks you may be unfamiliar with. 

Take a bicycle tour to refresh your soul and meet new friends. Or join a birdwatching club and participate in a fun pastime in nature. Whatever you enjoy doing, make sure to schedule mini-vacations or staycations on a regular basis where you get to relax or do something just for fun, so you can clear your head and feel better about the world.    

Reinventing yourself as you go through a midlife crisis may mean finding a more rewarding career or moving to a new locale. So, look inward and find what would make you happy. Then, work toward reaching that goal and start enjoying the life you deserve.

Do you want to hit the reset button on your life? Take the first step with unsettledessence.com, and start living your dream!

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