Quick Note: Own Your Day

Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

Think about the last time you reached the end of the day and wondered how time got away from you. How likely is it that it could happen again today?

Despite what you have going on, take the day and make it your own. This is about maintaining productivity.

You can remain productive during the day by recognizing the difference between being proactive and simply reacting to what happens to you. It could be an email that sucks your attention. Maybe a coworker asks you for a favor. Before you know it, an hour or more passes and there’s little or no time left for what you had originally planned.

Your time is one of the few things in this world you truly own. Guard it and be proactive about it. Here’s what you can do to own more of your day:

Block intervals of time devoted to specific tasks.

Make a to-do list, and only include a realistic number of action items. Make sure at least one of those items will make a significant difference.

Hold off on responding to emails and phone calls when you’re engaged in an important task.

Own your time. Own the day; don’t let it own you.


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