Quick Note: Do the Scary Thing

Photo by ramy Kabalan on Pexels.com

Life can be full of icky, uncomfortable, and demoralizing—but necessary–activities that fill us with dread. Being an adult means having to face things that are unpleasant or downright scary:

Scheduling a dental checkup after a couple of years away

Having that difficult conversation to end a relationship 

Organizing paperwork for tax season

Tackling a household repair you’ve been putting off

Going to the doctor because of that lump you felt while in the shower

When faced with a dreadful task, it’s much easier to burrow in and pretend it doesn’t exist. But, of course, ignoring the inevitable might make a small problem balloon out of control over time.

The first step to facing a difficult task is acknowledging how much it scares you. Once you remind yourself that being scared is only human, you can begin to approach that dreaded things one step at a time. 

Sometimes the toughest obstacle is just getting started.


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