Quick Note: Get Better at Remembering Names

Photo by Angela Roma on Pexels.com

When meeting someone new, I have a terrible habit of forgetting their name just seconds after they introduce themselves. It’s something I’m trying to change because remembering people’s names is good for building personal and professional connections. It’s easier for someone to like you if you address them by name.

If this minor mental lapse plagues you, try these strategies to remember others’ names:

  • Say their name back to them soon after they introduce themselves.
  • Associate something with their name, such as Martina with the red hair or Jim with the Buddy Holly glasses.
  • If you want to remember their names, really focus on them. Don’t let your mind wander during the conversation.
  • If they give you a business card, write a reminder on the back, like how you met them at the pet shelter fundraiser.
  • Say their name one more time with intention before ending the conversation.
  • If you met several people at one event, go back over their names later on.

Perhaps most importantly, stop saying you’re bad at remembering names! 


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  1. sgoodluck says:

    You must try to recall names

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