Quick Note on When to Ask

Photo by Edmond Dantu00e8s on Pexels.com

A task can seem daunting if you’re unsure how to do it. If so, ask someone for help. Or get your boss to give you more detailed instructions.

As a freelancer, I work mainly with clients. If I get stuck on something, I email the person who ordered the work to get more clarification or more direction.

I know this seems simple, but many people look at asking for help as a last resort. If you have to ask questions, that doesn’t mean you’re incompetent. It usually signals the opposite.

So, ask yourself a few questions to get better clarity: 

1. Why does this task need to be done?

2. What steps do I need to take?

3. What should the end product look like?

When in doubt, ask!


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  1. Razz says:

    Asking questions is so important. The thing I do to push myself forward to ask for help with something is tell myself. The worst they can say is no. Then mentally I’m prepared for a no, then go ahead and ask.

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    1. I agree. We give so much power to the word “no” and fear it so much.


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