15 Minutes a Day

Do you have a monumental task to accomplish, like building a new website, packing for a cross-country move, or applying for a new job? Big projects like these always overwhelm me. I was never much of a big-picture kind of person. I feel much more comfortable breaking things down into short, manageable tasks. You’ve probably…

A Quick Note: Ask an Expert

If you’re seeking advice about a goal or plan you’re pursuing, don’t be swayed too much by the people who talk the most or the loudest. They may not know what they’re talking about or even have your best interests in mind. Instead, pay more attention to the people who already have the success you…

Positive Changes When You’re Going Through a Midlife Crisis

Going through a midlife crisis or finding yourself in a funk? Then settle in for a good read. I’m pleased to share this guest post from Fix It Dads. Are you at a point in your life where you’re wondering, “is that all there is”? If you feel stuck in your personal or professional life,…

A Quick Note: Know Your WHY

As you move toward your goal, you might feel like you’re just trudging through life at times. When this happens, it’s easy to forget why you’re making the transition in the first place. That’s when you need to remind yourself of your WHY. Thinking back to the beginning, what was the big motivator that moved…

Photo Friday: International Sudoku Day

Spend a few minutes playing a game on International Sudoku Day. It’s a great way to keep your brain sharp. You can even play games online for FREE!

An Ergonomic Checklist for Working on the Road

If you’re a working nomad like me, you spend much of your day in front of your computer. I do copywriting and blogging. Other nomads edit videos, do voice-over work, serve as influencers, or do other things digital nomads do. Still, others use their hands instead of screens to create artsy, beautiful, and useful objects….

Horizons Within: The Quest for Personal Growth

I‘m happy to welcome another contribution from Real Life Home. If you’ve been wanting to tackle a home project but aren’t sure where to start, their site is a great place to get information and inspiration.  When you’re grappling with work, bills, family commitments, and a demanding social life, it can be hard to find time…

Photo Friday: August is Happiness Happens Month

I spent most of this past week in and around Valentine, Nebraska. I forgot how pretty this area is! I wasn’t sure if I would have time, but I decided to visit Smith Falls State Park last Monday. It’s about 15 miles east of town. My decision to take off the afternoon from work made…

The Best Stress Hacks for Busy People

After I ditched my traditional job and lifestyle for a more nomadic existence, I soon realized how much I underestimated the impact of stress in my new life. As much as I love exploring and working on the road, there’s still plenty to worry about: Is my campsite in the path of the major thunderstorm…

Photo Friday: Carhenge

If you’re into pop culture icons, you might swing by Carhenge if you’re in or near Alliance, Nebraska. It’s a to-scale replica of Stonehenge, and the site is open year-round. If you should ask, “Why?” creator Jim Reinders would say, “Why not?”

Photo Friday: Get Your Booster

I got my second COVID booster today. Vaccination is still a safe and effective way to reduce your risk of COVID infection. Even if you do get sick, being vaccinated decreases your risk of severe illness, hospitalization, and even death. Getting boosted helps you maintain protection because vaccine doses diminish in effectiveness over time.

National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day

The third Friday of April is National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day. If you have old or expired drugs, take a moment to get rid of them. Reduce the risk of abuse or misuse.

Photo Friday: Anniversary of Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Today is the anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911. The factory was located in Greenwich Village in New York City. The fire claimed the lives of 123 women and girls and 23 men, mostly Jewish and Italian immigrants. This fire goes down as one of the deadliest workplace disasters in U.S. history….

When “OK” Became Kewl

This is too good to ignore. On this day in 1839, the term “OK” became part of United States vernacular. It stands for “oll korrect,” a popular misspelling of “all correct.” As kiddos today use “kewl” for “cool” and “DZ” and “these,” young folks back then did the same kind of thing. Go figure. The…

Do I Have Alzheimer’s, or Is It Just Normal Aging?

Last week, I was listening to a song on the radio, and I couldn’t remember the name of the band playing it. It was a tune that came out when I was in high school, and I’d heard it hundreds of times since then. But as the song continued, I was still blanking on the…

Photo Friday: National Grammar Day

Today is National Grammar Day. Grammar in verbal and written form not only provides language rules but only a way to understand each other and learn new languages.

Aging Well on the Road

If you want to RV, camp, or do any type of travel and maintain health at any age, check out my article at CheapRVLiving.com. This site has advice on various subjects relevant to people who want to live, play, and work on the road. Thanks for reading!

How to Make Daydreaming Work for You

This morning I wake up, and it takes a minute until I remember that I’m in bed. I soon realize it’s Sunday. Oh, that’s right.I smile as I stretch in my bed in the back of my campervan. It’s slightly chilly. That’s okay; I can run my propane heater for a few minutes to take the…

Photo Friday: National Drink Wine Day

Take time out today to pour a glass to mark National Drink Wine Day. Moderate consumption can help you reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, liver disease, and type II diabetes.

This Day in History: Laura Ingalls Wilder Dies

Famous storyteller of 19th-century prairie life, Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote the Little House children’s series. On this day in 1957, Wilder died in Mansfield, Missouri. She was 90 years old. I’m working my way through her books. They are a delight no matter how old you are. If you ever watched the “Little House on…

Photo Friday: February is Black History Month

Whether or not you’ve seen the movie Hidden Figures, you need to know about Katherine Johnson (1918-2020). She was a NASA mathematician whose calculations helped astronaut Alan Shepard become the first American to reach space. Her work also played a crucial role in John Glenn’s successful orbit of the Earth during the Friendship 7 mission.

Photo Friday: National Fun at Work Day

Whether it’s bringing donuts to share or getting everyone together for some mandatory fun, don’t forget that it’s National Fun at Work Day. Even if you work from home, shake things up by scheduling a Zoom lunch get-together or incorporating music into one of your micro-breaks. Or find ways to gamify the things you typically…

Photo Friday: Happy Kwanzaa!

At Kwanzaa, some people greet each other with the Swahili phrase, “Habari gani“, meaning, “What is the news?” You then answer with the principle of the day (from the Nguzo Saba or the seven principles).