Photo Friday: International Bagpipe Day

Read more about this fascinating instrument!

Photo Friday: Moscow Mule Day

It’s Moscow Mule Day! This is one observance I can get behind. Go to to learn how to prepare and serve Moscow mules.

A Quick Note on “What Do You Do?”

When I’m at a networking event (which is rare these days), I get that here we go feeling when someone turns to me, gives me the up-and-down look, and asks, “So, what do you do?” That’s “life’s most dangerous question,” according to Joshua Fields Millburn. In reality, that person might be asking: How do you earn a paycheck?…

A Quick Note on Mistakes

It’s easy to feel like a failure when you make a big mistake. Any time a blunder results in a significant setback, it’s easy to want to kick yourself. However, no mistake, no matter how huge, justifies self-loathing. There’s a mantra I often tell myself: You only fail when you quit. A mistake is no big deal in…

Photo Friday:

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