An Ergonomic Checklist for Working on the Road

If you’re a working nomad like me, you spend much of your day in front of your computer. I do copywriting and blogging. Other nomads edit videos, do voice-over work, serve as influencers, or do other things digital nomads do. Still, others use their hands instead of screens to create artsy, beautiful, and useful objects….

Aging Well on the Road

If you want to RV, camp, or do any type of travel and maintain health at any age, check out my article at This site has advice on various subjects relevant to people who want to live, play, and work on the road. Thanks for reading!

Photo Friday: National Road Trip Day

National Road Trip Day is the Friday before Memorial Day. This is how I like to do road trips. If you’re hitting the highway, be safe and have fun!

Book Corner: Ten Years a Nomad

Do you like to read? I hope so, because you’re looking at my first monthly installment of Book Corner. Once a month I’ll give you the low-down on books that inspire me, as well as teach us an aspect of hitting the “reset” button on life and pursuing the dream. I read Matthew Kepnes’s book,…