An Ergonomic Checklist for Working on the Road

If you’re a working nomad like me, you spend much of your day in front of your computer. I do copywriting and blogging. Other nomads edit videos, do voice-over work, serve as influencers, or do other things digital nomads do. Still, others use their hands instead of screens to create artsy, beautiful, and useful objects….

Photo Friday: August is Happiness Happens Month

I spent most of this past week in and around Valentine, Nebraska. I forgot how pretty this area is! I wasn’t sure if I would have time, but I decided to visit Smith Falls State Park last Monday. It’s about 15 miles east of town. My decision to take off the afternoon from work made…

Aging Well on the Road

If you want to RV, camp, or do any type of travel and maintain health at any age, check out my article at This site has advice on various subjects relevant to people who want to live, play, and work on the road. Thanks for reading!

Photo Friday: A Slice of RV History

Before the weather gets too cold, I’m daydreaing about my future RV life. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart, IN. The museum boasts 100,000 sq. ft. of space that houses historical RVs, walls honoring notable notables in the industry, library, gift shop, RV toy displays,…

Can I Still RV Full-Time During a Coronavirus Outbreak?

Hello! Unsettled Essence here. I’m finally digging myself out of my lethargy and working on my next post. In the meantime, I’ve thought about how the Coronavirus threat has changed my day-to-day life–I’m teleworking full-time, I can’t go out for a nice dinner, and I can’t hang out and play cards with my boyfriend at…