Photo Friday: Nebraska Sunrise in Mid-summer

Photo Friday: O Willa Cather!

Happy Women’s History Month! I’m paying tribute to one of my favorite authors: Willa Cather. Cather was born in Virginia in 1873, and her family moved to Nebraska when she was nine years old. She spent her formative years in Red Cloud, Nebraska. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (So did I!).  Some of…

Photo Friday: Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock, near Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, is a famous landmark that westward settlers saw as they traveled the California, Mormon, and Oregon Trails. The peak probably used to be about 30 feet higher, but erosion, a lightning strike, or wind likely led to the top part breaking off.

Photo Friday: Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska

Carhenge is a quirky model of Stonehenge using old cars. It’s outside of Alliance, Nebraska, and definitely worth the short drive from town. The entire replica was built with the same proportions as the original Stonehenge monument. Want to publish high-quality posts that’ll make your readers want more of your content? For a FREE download…