Can I Still RV Full-Time During a Coronavirus Outbreak?

Hello! Unsettled Essence here. I’m finally digging myself out of my lethargy and working on my next post. In the meantime, I’ve thought about how the Coronavirus threat has changed my day-to-day life–I’m teleworking full-time, I can’t go out for a nice dinner, and I can’t hang out and play cards with my boyfriend at…

What are the cons to full-time RVing?

When considering a major life decision, I create a list of pros and cons. But when I envision my RV life, my cons slightly outweigh the pros. That doesn’t matter. The cons aren’t reasons to bail out of my dream. Rather, listing them gives me a chance to anticipate the challenges. Then I’ll know how…


I can’t stay still anymore. I need to move. I have a nomadic spirit, and I’m finally honest with myself about it. I want to live full-time in an RV.

Four ways to make daydreaming productive

As an introvert with ADHD, hyperactivity and daydreaming are normal for me . . and for many others. Both happen when we subconsciously pull ourselves away from boring activities.