Keep Your Mental Health When Working from Home

Working from home is no longer a sign of laziness or lack of professionalism. Whether it’s for a sticks-and-bricks company or for yourself, remote working can be fulfilling and provide the flexibility that keeps your work and personal life in balance. One factor that often gets overlooked, however, is keeping your mental health while working…


I can’t stay still anymore. I need to move. I have a nomadic spirit, and I’m finally honest with myself about it. I want to live full-time in an RV.

Four ways to make daydreaming productive

As an introvert with ADHD, hyperactivity and daydreaming are normal for me . . and for many others. Both happen when we subconsciously pull ourselves away from boring activities.

4 Ways to Tackle Task Avoidance

Here’s my reason for task avoidance: It’s how I cope with stress. I’m a worrier. Because I’m ADHD and an introvert, I’m in my head A LOT. What if I don’t do it right? What if I look stupid? What if I don’t get it done on time?