Photo Friday: Food from Spain

Tapas in Vilafranca del_Penèdes near Barcelona

There’s no better way to get to know a country than through its cuisine. When we went to Spain in 2018, we barely scratched the surface when it came to the places we visited. The food is a diverse, rich reflection of Spain’s complex history.


Pintxos (say it like “pinchos”). The water is because we just came from drinking beers with a couple from Northern Ireland. I made the mistake of trying to keep up with them.
Sea bass ceviche and red wine sangria
Pasta with foie gras (say it like “fwah grah”)
Asparagus appetizer with cava (champagne sangria)
Tortilla de patatas (egg and potato) served with bread and tomato sauce


Typical continental breakfast with fresh orange juice
Vegetable paella. It was hard to find because most Spaniards like seafood in their paella.


Artichoke hearts, jimon (ham), and cheese
Cold potato “salad” and tuna with more sangria
Beer and tapas plate of chicken, fries, and beer while we wait for our train out of town


Shishito peppers and red wine sangria. The peppers are not as hot as they look; they’re quite delicious when blistered and sprinkled with salt.
Patatas, egg, and eels served with our drinks at a bar. It seems the Spanish enjoy their seafood anyway they can get it.
Stepped into a bar to enjoy tapas and beer. We were taking a break from the Sunday market called El Rastro.
Sharing a mojito. We were having too much fun to make sure the mojito got in the shot.

If you’ve been to Spain, please share your experiences with the food. And let us know if you tried the patatas bravas recipe; I occasionally make it at home.

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