Photo Friday: I Miss Prague

Astrological Clock in Prague city center

Prague, Czech Republic, is one of my favorite European cities. It’s so cosmopolitan and friendly to visitors.

If or when this COVID thing ever ends and travel can resume, I strongly suggest this city if you haven’t been before. I think it’s a great first city for people traveling to Europe for the first time. And don’t worry if you don’t speak Czech; if you speak English or German, you’ll be fine!

The Prague Beer Museum is not really a museum, but a great place to try Czech, German, and Austrian beers. If you’re American and a little homesick, this is a great place to hang out and maybe catch a cheesy cover band playing American tunes.

Chocolate-honey cake with some coffee drinks.

Here’s a peek inside the Sex Machines Museum. It’s way more fun if you’ve had a few beers beforehand.

The Palace at Prague Castle

Nave of St. Vitus Cathedral at the Prague Castle

View of Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge at night.

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